Friday Etsy Feature - Janelle Haskin

It's Friday!! Plus, it is the first day of October! Yay!
My Etsy feature for this week is the amazing Janelle Haskin. She has so many fantastic knits in her shop. One of her headbands has even been worn by Zooey Deschanel!

For my blog readers, Janelle is offering 15% off anything in her shop! Just put "one sheepish girl blog" in the notes to seller box at checkout!

Hi Janelle! Your knits are amazing!! Tell us a little bit about how you got started on Etsy!

awww shucks! Thanks Meredith! :)

Last holiday season I decided it would be fun to try and make my friends gifts... keep in mind before this I hadn't broke out the knitting needles for a few years(the last time I did was when I decided to knit my boss a scarf for Christmas... she didn't receive it until last year... yikes!) Deciding to try out the new neckwarmer trend, I made a couple of those and my friends loved them! I already had an etsy account because I originally wanted to sell my illustrations prior to falling in love with knitting(which I still might do someday... ) so it was easy to throw a few pieces up and see what happens. I received extremely positive feedback and well... here I am! :)
What inspires your designs?
I have always loved and lived for fashion. It is really exciting to see something made of fabric and translate it to work as a knitted style. I am very inspired by color, texture and vintage buttons.
What is your favorite type of yarn?
I forget the actual brand, but I found this amazingly soft, super thick alpaca yarn in a little shop. it feels like heaven... I made a couple of neck warmers that I have to take photos of to put on etsy asap!

What has been the best part about selling your handmade goods on Etsy?
Etsy is an amazing resource. It's incredible how easy it can be for an artist/designer to set up and have their very own shop. Making connections that turn into friendships and everyone being so kind and wanting to help each other out is really quite spectacular. I am also so greatful to the sellers who went out of their way to give me some pointers when I was first starting.
Tell us something about your non-crafting life! What are some of your favorite things? (food, music, movies...)
I love Italian food... and Chinese... I could alternate every other day with each and be so satisfied... Currently I am listening to Forest City Lovers on repeat, I love them! I recently watched Going the Distance and have got to say, I developed a small crush on justin Long... As early as August, my fiance and I bust out B rated horror movies from the 80's to get in the spirit for halloween. My dear friend Shawn has a movie projector and we plan on having horror movie "drive inns" in my backyard. I love this time of year!
Anything else we should know about you?
I'm super friendly and love to chat so stop by my shop and say hi! I also have been trying to become a better blogger so you can visit me there

Thank you so much Janelle! I hope everyone checks out her shop and blog! Don't forget the 15% discount! Just include "one sheepish girl blog" in the notes to seller box at checkout!

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