Etsy Trade with Violet Bella

Last week, Laura from Violet Bella sent me an e-mail saying she had seen my sock monkey wrist warmers on Paper n' Stitch. That statement was exciting enough, but then she said if I would consider trading my wrist warmers for something from her shop. I had never traded with another seller before, so I was super excited to give it a try!

Her shops are insane. I mean, they are overflowing with so many stylish, vintage looking pieces, I almost couldn't decide! Eventually, after almost thirty minutes of browsing, I picked the Paris in the Fall necklace below.

Isn't is beautiful? I love her packaging, too.

The entire trade process was so seamless and fun, I look forward to doing it again.

If anyone else is interested in trading, let me know and we can try it out!

Here are Laura's links.