Oh sorry, That was just my brain self-destructing from the non-stop studying and writing I have suffered through the past few days...

As we all know, "school comes first"...so I apologize for not blogging much lately. I won't be having a feature this Friday because I haven't had time to approach a shop. Instead, I will be providing all of my readers tissues to dry their weepy eyes. ;-)

Thankfully I have a Halloween party to look forward to tomorrow night. It has been the light at the end of this dreary tunnel of a week. I decided not to stretch far from my personality and go as a nerd. Being a nerd just feels right. Haha. I had most of the pieces of the costume except for the suspenders...and I have to say now that I've tried them...I may be a convert. I knit a bow tie too and it is SO cute. I will post pictures on Halloween, so come back and check it out! 

Well I better get back to work. Here is a awesome and motivating poster I found on Etsy. Check it out and wish me luck as I head back to the books.  

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Poster by Jenniegee on Etsy