Moody Monday

What a stereotypically horrible Monday! But thankfully my bottle cap from lunch gave me some words of wisdom...."Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". So wise. :-) I definitely need to remember to do that more often. But instead I constantly let the littlest things turn my world upside down. I should work on that...

Anyway, I finally finished my crochet-rose afghan! Isn't it pretty? It took me forever!! There are 28 total squares that I seamed together and then I added a wavy border around the edge.

I would have included more close up pictures of the afghan but....I still have to weave in all of the ends. UGH! There are at least 10 little strings hanging off of each this could take awhile. I just couldn't wait to put it on my couch. Little by little I will finish this baby up! Oh, I love it.

To brighten up my day (and yours) I got some sunflowers from Whole Foods this morning. So cheerful!

Hopefully this week will get better...and I will try to remember my wise little bottle cap.