Friday Etsy Feature - MaddyAnne Handmade Jewelry

Happy Friday! This beautiful Etsy shop is the perfect way to end the week! Everyone meet Madeline from MaddyAnne Handmade Jewelry!

Japanese Garden Earrings
Hi Madeline! You have such a lovely shop! Tell us a little bit about how you got started on Etsy!
My mom was the one who actually told me about Etsy. I've created things my whole life, and she told me I should try selling them on here. I soon opened a shop called earthtrendsjewelry. After a while, my style shifted from being 'earthy' to more dainty, and I felt that my shop needed a makeover/clean slate. So I opened up MaddyAnne (which is my name - Madeline Anne).

Rosette Necklace - Coral and Aqua

What inspired you to create such beautiful jewelry? I see you also make some adorable paper goods. Is that something new for you?
A lot of my inspiration comes from the colors I see around me. I know that sounds strange, but if, for example, I see two things next to each other that are opposite in color but it somehow works, I get online and begin to hunt for beads similar in color to turn into a new creation. As far as the paper goods and clothespins, I started making them to salvage some things I had laying around in my home. I ended up falling in love with the simplicity of them and listed them.

Aqua Blue Clothespins
Tiny Pink Flag Bunting

What are your favorite materials to work with?

I love working with all kinds of materials. Recently, I've been playing around more with cabochons, but I'm sure my brass stamping phase will return soon. I've also been working with a lot of gold. I remember not liking gold a few years ago, and now it's funny that that's all I think about using.

Swooping Silver Swallow Necklace

Tell us something about your non-crafting life! What are some of your favorite things? (food, music, movies...)

Well, I've been writing a young adult book for a while now and am excited to be finishing that up. It's been a challenging process but well worth it. I'm also a wife and mother of a three-year-old and an infant, and I work at a credit union during the week. As far as favorite things, I like pretty much all food and am a sucker for the Twilight books. I'm also a huge, nerdy fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the series, not the movie). Pretty much my life is hectic and always kept interesting.

Thanks a lot Madeline! Go check her out on the web!