Friday Etsy Feature - bug MISCELLANY

Due to stress, homework, and a sinus attack, blogging was not my top priority this week...I'm sure you missed me desperately, right?? ;-) However, I am pleased to say that I am continuing my Friday Etsy Feature interviews with Kelli from the lovely shop "bug MISCELLANY"!! Go and check out her cute items for fall, like plushy mountains, cute magnets, and birdie brooches!

Lumberjack Mountain
How did you become interested in crafting? As far back as I can remember, I've always loved making things. My grandma sewed and my grandpa was a design engineer, so there were always fun things like Prismacolor pencils and endless spools of thread in every color, lying about. My mom definitely encouraged my brothers and I in any of our creative endeavors. I even studied Photography and Filmmaking in college. But I first revisted the idea of "crafting" as an "adult" (I always use that term loosely) when I taught myself how to knit. My (then) fiance was on his way to Iraq, and I desperately needed something to distract myself. I just never really stopped after that, even though I have hopped around to different mediums.

Seattle Tree Branch Magnet
Where does your inspiration come from? I am a huge color junky. I can't understand homes painted in neutral palettes. It's like another language to me. Color definitely drives me. I'm also very inspired by our new (permanent) habitat: the Pacific Northwest. We've lived here about a year and a half now, and I am still in love with discovering new things about this wild, natural, beautiful place. Also, having wonderfully crafty friends has motivated me beyond words. Friends will help kick yer toosh into gear like no one else can.

Bird's Nest Brooches
What is your favorite piece you've made and why? Ack! So hard to choose... Right now, I'd have to say the big cashmere cowl I knitted myself last year (because it's so cozy!) and my plaid mountains (because they capture two of my current PNW fascinations). I also painted a pictutre of this old building a few years back. I still love it because it was the first painting I ever did that really looked like what it was supposed to. It was like awful painting, awful painting, "oh wait..." It's always nice when you can surprise yourself. (See? I couldn't REALLY choose. :P)

Thank you so much Kelli for sharing your inspirations and your beautiful shop!

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