Road Trip to a Wedding

This past weekend my best friends and I road tripped to our friend Lizzy's beautiful wedding in San Marcos. We had such a great time traveling to the wedding! We blasted John Mayer, NSYNC, Spice Girls, Whitney Houston and oh so much more! The first half of the road trip was kicked off to a great start when we spotted the STARSHIP PEGASUS!!! What is a road trip without crazy roadside attractions?

Creepily enough, this place had a sign that said "private residence"....umm yeah. I guess they wanted to decorate with this lovely monkey flower pot...

The nerds are attacking!!!

Leilani and Sarah come in peace.

Next to the starship, was a gas station so we could refuel with Sonic and Sarah's favorite, vanilla Dr. Pepper. Of course, it wouldn't be a Texas gas station without tacky postcards and coonskin hats.

When we finally made it to Waco, we picked up our Baylor Buddies Kim and Brooke. Then we had dinner at an amazing Mexican food restaurant, Rosa's!!! Brooke had an extra taco and almost forgot it inside. Just before we left, she remembered, and raced inside to rescue it!!! Whew!

The next morning we had breakfast in College Station, TX at Blue Baker. Leilani really appreciated that cup of coffee as we began the last half of the trip to the wedding.

Along the road we came upon another fun gas station called the "Whoop Stop". Our two Aggies just had to get a picture in front of the bonfire. Gig 'em girls!

Howdy Kim! How cute is she?

Then Leilani got to sign their wall of Texas A&M graduates!

We head back out on the road and saw some beautiful Texas countryside along the way...

We arrived in San Marcos a little early so we checked out their funky town square. We went inside two fun vintage clothing shops stuffed to the brim with polyester pants and flower power shirts.

Wedding time! What a beautiful church!

Here comes the bride. Lizzy could not have looked more beautiful...her face just glowed with happiness as she said "I Do" to her new husband.

The reception was held in a quaint dance hall. The atmosphere was so warm and loving.

Lizzy and Dalton's first dance.

One of us is married??? We are really growing up, huh?

After the wedding, we made our way back home. Along the way we jammed to some "krunk music" (!) trying to stay awake. Leilani did a great job driving over 600 miles!!! I can't wait for our next road trip! Hopefully our newlywed and other awesome friend, Kali, will be able to come next time!!!