Knitting in Vogue

Check out that stack of magazines! All together they weigh 11 pounds! Each one is weighted down with amazingness... All of my favorite's have officially released their coveted September issues! I am so happy! Along with my love for knitting, I LOOOOVE magazines. I could spend hours reading the articles and "oohing" and "ahhing" over the beautiful pictures. Vogue is my absolute favorite, and this year's September issue simply stunned me by putting my two favorite things, knitting and magazines, into one beautiful editorial.

"Sweater Girl" showcases some of the most incredible (and financially unattainable) sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers I have ever seen. These two are my absolute favorite. I love the blue and intricate cable design in the first one, and the pink one, well, she is definitely having a Mad Men moment.

Also, in the August issue of Teen Vogue, these wonderful Prada knit headbands were featured throughout their back to school fashion spread. At $110, these headband are a bit out of my price range...but maybe I can come up with my own more affordable design!

What are some of your favorite "knit" trends that your are seeing this fall? I love reading your comments!

(Sorry if the pics were a bit dark today, it is rainy and cloudy outside, but thankfully the temperature has dropped!)