Big D, Big Talent

I just love Dallas. My latest treasury showcases some amazing Dallas Etsians. I love how you can choose to shop local on Etsy and find the craftiest crafters that are right in your own neighborhood! (Definitely cuts down on shipping costs) ;-) Have you checked out who is crafting in your town? Try out the "Shop Local" button on the front page of Etsy and you might be surprised at what you find! Click on the treasury below to see it up close.
Dallas is great...but one thing that I'm not crazy about is this heat. Ugh. I'm not meant for Texas weather. Fall is on its way, but it takes forever to get to Dallas. So for now I'll just knit and wait. Maybe my new fabulous, fall wrist warmers will distract me from this ridiculous-should-be-illegal heat outside! These beauties are on Etsy now! Take a look! Click here.

So, how are you spending your last days of summer? What are you working on to prepare for the holiday rush?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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